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Update April 1, 1999
Hello! I'm just posting to say that yes, I'm still here, and no, I haven't forgotten about this page. Honestly, I really do want to update this page, because I have so much to post on this page! Again, I'm not promising anything, but I'll TRY to get something done in the next few days. Thanks for your patience!

Ja ne,
Update January 27, 1999
HI everyone! Welcome to my humble page ^_^. Well, as some of you may already know, my Tenchi fanfic is out and posted (finally!). Also, there's going to be lots of changes in this page, mostly additions- another sub-page for my friend Jeff "Burke," a short story I'm currently working on, and definitely lots of changes to "Adventures" (the story didn't really come out the way I wanted it). I'll be making the efforts to do these things really soon, because I've been slacking off for too long already (school, people, it's school that's takin' up all my time!). Okay, have fun browsing through!

PS: I also plan to put a little introductory page for this page for those who are either very curious or very bored...:P

Ja ne, Ami.

This page leads to:

Ranma 1/2-Adventure: This is my very first Anime fanfic, a Ranma 1/2 Xover.
Tenchi Muyo-Hey! No Need For Switches!: My second fanfic based on Tenchi Muyo's characters.
Path's Fictions Page: This is where you will find three (currently) fics written by Path. Some are based upon Breath of Fire, the game.
Ami's Gallery: The Gallery has lots of Anime pics and MIDI files.
Ami's Fanfiction Selections: A list of Anime fanfiction sites, many of which are strongly recommended.
Viluy's Chat Room: Anime Chat Room. 'Nuff said. :P

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