Hey! No Need For Switches!

Welcome to the website of my Tenchi Muyo fanfic, "Hey! No Need For Switches!" Again, the copyrights for Tenchi Muyo and its characters belong to the people who own them. Also, the picture belongs to someone-who I unfortunately do not know. So, if anyone's got any c&c&c&q's (comments, concerns, criticism, and questions), e-mail me at amizuno@yahoo.com before you sue me or somethin'...:b Anyhow, this story was not meant to be a deep, philosophical kind of story. That's the way I'm going about it for now. But who knows, maybe it'll grow into something else. ^_^
Ja ne,
Tenchi's life has always been filled with crazy things. Now, thanks to Washu's new formula, it is about to get even crazier...
Hey! No Need For Switches: Part 1
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